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ric n joanie smRic always wanted to be an actor.  

He grew up in a family that was a (small) part of Hollywood in the "Golden Age." On arriving in Hollywood in 1923 and not finding much call for the skills of an escaped Czarist military officer and a charming Russian debutante, Ric's grandparents turned to the growth industry of the time -- the movies.  

grandparentsRic's grandfather became head of wardrobe at Republic Pictures, later head of men's wardrobe at Warner Bros. and Ric's grandmother became a motion picture (and later television) background player (or "extra" as they were called in the day).

roman soldier smRic's started his acting career as a spear carrier (literally!) in a college production of Julius Caesar designed by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics and proceeded to follow a somewhat circuitous (some would say incomprehensible) path to a career as a professional actor.    

lawyerAfter Yale Law School, Ric worked as an entertainment lawyer at a major Los Angeles law firm, the was a co- founder of and partner in the entertainment law department of another major Los Angeles law firm, followed by two executive positions in the television industry -- first as the SVP of an independent television and motion picture production company, and then as the President of a publicly-traded television production company developing television dramas and motion pictures. 

actionAlways involved in the community, and having lived almost all of his life in Los Angeles, it was time for another adventure. So Ric's path turned to a masters degree in nonprofit management from George Washington University, followed by senior positions at two major research universities -- creating, producing, financing and marketing large conferences (sort of like producing hundreds of plays for one performance each) followed by a number of years as the head of his own independent marketing and event consulting business, serving both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

conference smallBut finally the push to act was too strong and Ric knew it was time to do what he knew he’d always been meant to do. So he decided to make it happen.

hallmark smWell, the rest is history. (OK, if not exactly history, certainly an amazing amount of fun, challenge, creativity, frustration and fulfillment.) And there’s more to come!